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Juul 5 Years

Juul Labs, Inc. Is An American Electronic Cigarette Company Which Spun Off From Pax Labs In 2017. It Makes The Juul E-Cigarette, Which Packages Nicotine Salts From Leaf Tobacco Into One-Time Use Cartridges. Juul Labs Was Co-Founded By Adam Bowen And James Monsees. It Is Headquartered In San Francisco.

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Hbcu 5 Years

Historically Black Colleges And Universities Are Institutions Of Higher Education In The United States That Were Established Before The Civil Rights Act Of 1964 With The Intention Of Primarily Serving The African-American Community.

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Lazy Loading 5 Years

Lazy Loading Is A Design Pattern Commonly Used In Computer Programming And Mostly In Web Design And Development To Defer Initialization Of An Object Until The Point At Which It Is Needed. It Can Contribute To Efficiency In The Program's Operation If Properly And Appropriately Used.

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Dji 5 Years

Sz Dji Technology Co., Ltd. Or Shenzhen Dji Sciences And Technologies Ltd. In Full, More Popularly Known As Its Trade Name Dji, Which Stands For Da-Jiang Innovations, Is A Chinese Technology Company Headquartered In Shenzhen, Guangdong With Manufacturing Facilities Throughout The World.

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Kith 5 Years


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Aerie 5 Years

Aerie, Stylized As Aerie, Is An Intimate Apparel And Lifestyle Retailer And Sub-Brand Owned By American Eagle Outfitters. The Brand Has No Age Demographic And The Company Encourages Customers From All Ages To Shop At Aerie.

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Bubble Tea 5 Years

Bubble Tea Is A Tea-Based Drink. Originating In Taichung, Taiwan In The Early 1980s, It Includes Chewy Tapioca Balls Or A Wide Range Of Other Toppings. Ice-Blended Versions Are Frozen And Put Into A Blender, Resulting In A Slushy Consistency. There Are Many Varieties Of The Drink With A Wide Range Of Flavors.

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Tiktok Backgrounds 5 Years

Tiktok, Known In China As Douyin (Chinese: 抖音; Pinyin: Dǒuyīn), Is A Video-Sharing Social Networking Service Owned By Chinese Company Bytedance. The Social Media Platform Is Used To Make A Variety Of Short-Form Videos, From Genres Like Dance, Comedy, And Education, That Have A Duration From Fifteen Seconds To One Minute (Three Minutes For Some Users). Tiktok Is An International Version Of Douyin, Which Was Originally Released In The Chinese Market In September 2016. Later, Tiktok Was Launched In 2017 For Ios And Android In Most Markets Outside Of Mainland China; However, It Only Became Available Worldwide After Merging With Another Chinese Social Media Service, Musical.Ly, On August 2, 2018. Tiktok And Douyin Have Almost The Same User Interface But No Access To Each Other's Content. Their Servers Are Each Based In The Market Where The Respective App Is Available. The Two Products Are Similar, But Features Are Not Identical. Douyin Includes An In-Video Search Feature That Can Search By People's Face For More Videos Of Them And Other Features Such As Buying, Booking Hotels And Making Geo-Tagged Reviews. Since Its Launch In 2016, Tiktok/Douyin Rapidly Gained Popularity In East Asia, S

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Glass Doors 5 Years

A Sliding Glass Door, Patio Door, Or Doorwall Is A Type Of Sliding Door In Architecture And Construction, Is A Large Glass Window Opening In A Structure That Provide Door Access From A Room To The Outdoors, Fresh Air, And Copious Natural Light. A Sliding Glass Door Is Usually Considered A Single Unit Consisting Of Two Panel Sections, One Being Fixed And One A Being Mobile To Slide Open. Another Design, A Wall-Sized Glass Pocket Door Has One Or More Panels Movable And Sliding Into Wall Pockets, Completely Disappearing For A 'Wide Open' Indoor-Outdoor Room Experience. The Sliding Glass Door Was Introduced As A Significant Element Of Pre-War International Style Architecture In Europe And North America. Their Precedent Is The Sliding Shōji And Fusuma Panel Door In Traditional Japanese Architecture. The Post-War Building Boom In Modernist And Mid-Century Modern Styles, And On To Suburban Ranch-Style Tract Houses, Multi-Unit Housing, And Hotel-Motel Chains Has Made Them A Standard Element In Residential And Hospitality Building Construction In Many Regions And Countries.

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Nutrients 5 Years

A Nutrient Is A Substance Used By An Organism To Survive, Grow, And Reproduce. The Requirement For Dietary Nutrient Intake Applies To Animals, Plants, Fungi, And Protists.

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Leadleaper 5 Years

Leadbeater Is A Surname. Notable People With The Surname Include: Benjamin Leadbeater (1760–1837), British Naturalist Charles Leadbeater, English Author Charles Webster Leadbeater (1854–1934), English Clergyman, Theosophist And Author Eddie Leadbeater (1927–2011), Former English Cricketer Elli Leadbeater, British Ecologist And Evolutionary Biologist Mary Leadbeater (1758–1826), Irish Author Jo Leadbeater, Married Name Jo Cox, Assassinated British Politician Barrie Leadbeater (Born 1943), Retired English First-Class Cricketer And Umpire Harry Leadbeater (1863–1928), English Amateur First-Class Cricketer James Leadbeater (Born 1989), Welsh Rugby Union Player Maire Leadbeater (Born 1940s), New Zealand Human Rights And Peace Activist, Writer, And Former Social Worker

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Feature 5 Years


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