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Business 5 Years

Business Is The Activity Of Making One's Living Or Making Money By Producing Or Buying And Selling Products (Such As Goods And Services). Simply Put, It Is "Any Activity Or Enterprise Entered Into For Profit."Having A Business Name Does Not Separate The Business Entity From The Owner, Which Means That The Owner Of The Business Is Responsible And Liable For Debts Incurred By The Business. If The Business Acquires Debts, The Creditors Can Go After The Owner's Personal Possessions. A Business Structure Does Not Allow For Corporate Tax Rates. The Proprietor Is Personally Taxed On All Income From The Business. The Term Is Also Often Used Colloquially (But Not By Lawyers Or By Public Officials) To Refer To A Company. A Company, On The Other Hand, Is A Separate Legal Entity And Provides For Limited Liability, As Well As Corporate Tax Rates. A Company Structure Is More Complicated And Expensive To Set Up, But Offers More Protection And Benefits For The Owner.

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Nameplate 5 Years

A Nameplate Identifies And Displays A Person Or Product's Name. Nameplates Are Usually Shaped As Rectangles But Are Also Seen In Other Shapes, Sometimes Taking On The Shape Of Someone's Written Name. Nameplates Primarily Serve An Informative Function Or A Commercial Role.

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Axyon 5 Years

An Axiom, Postulate Or Assumption Is A Statement That Is Taken To Be True, To Serve As A Premise Or Starting Point For Further Reasoning And Arguments. The Word Comes From The Greek Axíōma (Ἀξίωμα) 'That Which Is Thought Worthy Or Fit' Or 'That Which Commends Itself As Evident.'The Term Has Subtle Differences In Definition When Used In The Context Of Different Fields Of Study. As Defined In Classic Philosophy, An Axiom Is A Statement That Is So Evident Or Well-Established, That It Is Accepted Without Controversy Or Question. As Used In Modern Logic, An Axiom Is A Premise Or Starting Point For Reasoning.As Used In Mathematics, The Term Axiom Is Used In Two Related But Distinguishable Senses: "Logical Axioms" And "Non-Logical Axioms". Logical Axioms Are Usually Statements That Are Taken To Be True Within The System Of Logic They Define And Are Often Shown In Symbolic Form (E.G., (A And B) Implies A), While Non-Logical Axioms (E.G., A + B = B + A) Are Actually Substantive Assertions About The Elements Of The Domain Of A Specific Mathematical Theory (Such As Arithmetic). When Used In The Latter Sense, "Axiom", "Postulate", And "Assumption" May Be Used Interchangeably. In Most Cases, A

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Bim 5 Years

Building Information Modeling Is A Process Supported By Various Tools, Technologies And Contracts Involving The Generation And Management Of Digital Representations Of Physical And Functional Characteristics Of Places.

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Safety Glasses 5 Years

Safety Glass Is Glass With Additional Safety Features That Make It Less Likely To Break, Or Less Likely To Pose A Threat When Broken. Common Designs Include Toughened Glass (Also Known As Tempered Glass), Laminated Glass, And Wire Mesh Glass (Also Known As Wired Glass). Wire Mesh Glass Was Invented By Frank Shuman. Laminated Glass Was Invented In 1903 By The French Chemist Édouard Bénédictus (1878–1930).These Four Approaches Can Easily Be Combined, Allowing For The Creation Of Glass That Is At The Same Time Toughened, Laminated, And Contains A Wire Mesh. However, Combination Of A Wire Mesh With Other Techniques Is Unusual, As It Typically Betrays Their Individual Qualities.

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Commit 5 Years

In Version Control Systems, A Commit Is An Operation Which Sends The Latest Changes To The Source Code To The Repository, Making These Changes Part Of The Head Revision Of The Repository. Unlike Commits In Data Management, Commits In Version Control Systems Are Kept In The Repository Indefinitely.

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Custom Neon 5 Years

In The Signage Industry, Neon Signs Are Electric Signs Lighted By Long Luminous Gas-Discharge Tubes That Contain Rarefied Neon Or Other Gases. They Are The Most Common Use For Neon Lighting, Which Was First Demonstrated In A Modern Form In December 1910 By Georges Claude At The Paris Motor Show. While They Are Used Worldwide, Neon Signs Were Popular In The United States From About The 1920s To 1950s. The Installations In Times Square, Many Originally Designed By Douglas Leigh, Were Famed, And There Were Nearly 2,000 Small Shops Producing Neon Signs By 1940. In Addition To Signage, Neon Lighting Is Used Frequently By Artists And Architects, And (In A Modified Form) In Plasma Display Panels And Televisions. The Signage Industry Has Declined In The Past Several Decades, And Cities Are Now Concerned With Preserving And Restoring Their Antique Neon Signs. Light Emitting Diode Arrays Can Be Formed To Simulate The Appearance Of Neon Lamps.

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Camping 5 Years

Camping Is An Outdoor Activity Involving Overnight Stays Away From Home In A Shelter, Such As A Tent Or A Recreational Vehicle. Typically Participants Leave Developed Areas To Spend Time Outdoors In More Natural Ones In Pursuit Of Activities Providing Them Enjoyment. The Night (Or More) Spent Outdoors Distinguishes Camping From Day-Tripping, Picnicking, And Other Similarly Short-Term Recreational Activities.Camping As A Recreational Activity Became Popular Among Elites In The Early 20th Century. With Time, It Grew In Popularity Among Other Socioeconomic Classes. Modern Campers Frequent Publicly Owned Natural Resources Such As National And State Parks, Wilderness Areas, And Commercial Campgrounds. Camping Is A Key Part Of Many Youth Organizations Around The World, Such As Scouting, Which Use It To Teach Both Self-Reliance And Teamwork.

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Body Lotion 5 Years

A Lotion Is A Low-Viscosity Topical Preparation Intended For Application To The Skin. By Contrast, Creams And Gels Have Higher Viscosity, Typically Due To Lower Water Content. Lotions Are Applied To External Skin With Bare Hands, A Brush, A Clean Cloth, Or Cotton Wool. While A Lotion May Be Used As A Medicine Delivery System, Many Lotions, Especially Hand Lotions And Body Lotions And Lotion For Allergies Are Meant Instead To Simply Smooth, Moisturize, Soften And Perhaps Perfume The Skin.Some Skincare Products, Such As Sunscreen And Moisturizer, May Be Available In Multiple Formats, Such As Lotions, Gels, Creams, Or Sprays.

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Chicken 5 Years

Chicken Is The Most Common Type Of Poultry In The World. Owing To The Relative Ease And Low Cost Of Raising Them In Comparison To Animals Such As Cattle Or Hogs, Chickens Have Become Prevalent In Numerous Cuisines.

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Gitflow 5 Years


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Wild Privet 5 Years

Ligustrum Vulgare Is A Species Of Ligustrum Native To Central And Southern Europe, North Africa And Southwestern Asia, From Ireland And Southwestern Sweden South To Morocco, And East To Poland And Northwestern Iran.

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