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Powercore 5 Years

Powerviolence (Sometimes Written As Power Violence) Is An Extremely Dissonant And Fast Subgenre Of Hardcore Punk Which Is Closely Related To Thrashcore And Grindcore. In Contrast With Grindcore, Which Is A "Crossover" Idiom Containing Musical Aspects Of Heavy Metal, Powerviolence Is Just An Augmentation Of The Most Challenging Qualities Of Hardcore Punk. Like Its Predecessors, It Is Usually Socio-Politically Charged And Iconoclastic.

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Opensea 5 Years

The Pelagic Zone Consists Of The Water Column Of The Open Ocean, And Can Be Further Divided Into Regions By Depth, As Illustrated On The Right. The Word "Pelagic" Is Derived From Ancient Greek Πέλαγος (Pélagos) 'Open Sea'. The Pelagic Zone Can Be Thought Of In Terms Of An Imaginary Cylinder Or Water Column That Goes From The Surface Of The Sea Almost To The Bottom. Conditions In The Water Column Change With Distance From The Surface (Depth): The Pressure Increases; The Temperature And Amount Of Light Decreases; The Salinity And Amount Of Dissolved Oxygen, As Well As Micronutrients Such As Iron, Magnesium And Calcium, All Change. In Addition To The Above Changes, Marine Life Is Affected By Bathymetry (Underwater Topography) And By The Proximity To Land That Is Underwater Such As The Seafloor Or A Shoreline Or A Submarine Seamount. Marine Life Is Also Affected By The Proximity Of The Ocean Surface, The Boundary Between The Ocean And The Atmosphere, Which Can Bring Light For Photosynthesis But Can Also Bring Predation From Above And Wind Stirring Up Waves And Setting Currents In Motion. The Pelagic Zone Refers To Open And Free Waters In The Body Of The Ocean That Stretch Between The

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Nordic It 5 Years

The Nordic Countries, Or The Nordics, Are A Geographical And Cultural Region In Northern Europe And The North Atlantic, Where They Are Most Commonly Known As Norden (Literally "The North"). The Region Includes The Sovereign States Of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway And Sweden, As Well As The Autonomous Countries Of The Faroe Islands And Greenland, Which Are Both Part Of The Kingdom Of Denmark. The Åland Islands, An Autonomous Region Of The Republic Of Finland; Jan Mayen Island And The Archipelago Of Svalbard, Both Unincorporated Areas Of Metropolitan Norway, Are Also Included. Bouvet Island, A Dependency Of The Kingdom Of Norway, Is Sometimes Not Considered A Part Of The Nordic Countries Due To Its Remote Geographical Location. Several Regions In Europe Such As The Northern Isles Of Scotland And Estonia Share Cultural And Ethnic Ties With The Nordic Nations, But Are Not Considered To Be Part Of The Nordic Countries Today. Scandinavians, Who Comprise Over Three Quarters Of The Region's Population, Are The Largest Group, Followed By Finns, Who Comprise The Majority In Finland; Other Ethnic Groups Are The Greenlandic Inuit, The Sámi People, And Recent Immigrants And Their Descendant

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For Hers 5 Years


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General Aviation 5 Years

General Aviation Represents All Civil Aviation "Aircraft Operation Other Than A Commercial Air Transport Or An Aerial Work Operation".

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Retool 5 Years

Retail Is The Process Of Selling Consumer Goods Or Services To Customers Through Multiple Channels Of Distribution To Earn A Profit. Retailers Satisfy Demand Identified Through A Supply Chain. The Term "Retailer" Is Typically Applied Where A Service Provider Fills The Small Orders Of Many Individuals, Who Are End-Users, Rather Than Large Orders Of A Small Number Of Wholesale, Corporate Or Government Clientele. Shopping Generally Refers To The Act Of Buying Products. Sometimes This Is Done To Obtain Final Goods, Including Necessities Such As Food And Clothing; Sometimes It Takes Place As A Recreational Activity. Recreational Shopping Often Involves Window Shopping And Browsing: It Does Not Always Result In A Purchase. Retail Markets And Shops Have A Very Ancient History, Dating Back To Antiquity. Some Of The Earliest Retailers Were Itinerant Peddlers. Over The Centuries, Retail Shops Were Transformed From Little More Than "Rude Booths" To The Sophisticated Shopping Malls Of The Modern Era. Most Modern Retailers Typically Make A Variety Of Strategic Level Decisions Including The Type Of Store, The Market To Be Served, The Optimal Product Assortment, Customer Service, Supporting Servi

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Insights 5 Years

Insight Is The Understanding Of A Specific Cause And Effect Within A Particular Context. The Term Insight Can Have Several Related Meanings: A Piece Of Information The Act Or Result Of Understanding The Inner Nature Of Things Or Of Seeing Intuitively (Called Noesis In Greek) An Introspection The Power Of Acute Observation And Deduction, Discernment, And Perception, Called Intellection Or Noesis An Understanding Of Cause And Effect Based On The Identification Of Relationships And Behaviors Within A Model, Context, Or Scenario (See Artificial Intelligence)An Insight That Manifests Itself Suddenly, Such As Understanding How To Solve A Difficult Problem, Is Sometimes Called By The German Word Aha-Erlebnis. The Term Was Coined By The German Psychologist And Theoretical Linguist Karl Bühler. It Is Also Known As An Epiphany, Eureka Moment Or (For Cross Word Solvers) The Penny Dropping Moment (Pdm). Sudden Sickening Realisations Often Identify A Problem Rather Than Solving It, So Uh-Oh Rather Than Aha Moments Are Further Seen In Negative Insight. A Further Example Of Negative Insight Is Chagrin Which Is Annoyance At The Obviousness Of A Solution Missed Up Until The Point Of Insight, An Ex

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