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Camping 5 Years

Camping Is An Outdoor Activity Involving Overnight Stays Away From Home In A Shelter, Such As A Tent Or A Recreational Vehicle. Typically Participants Leave Developed Areas To Spend Time Outdoors In More Natural Ones In Pursuit Of Activities Providing Them Enjoyment. The Night (Or More) Spent Outdoors Distinguishes Camping From Day-Tripping, Picnicking, And Other Similarly Short-Term Recreational Activities.Camping As A Recreational Activity Became Popular Among Elites In The Early 20th Century. With Time, It Grew In Popularity Among Other Socioeconomic Classes. Modern Campers Frequent Publicly Owned Natural Resources Such As National And State Parks, Wilderness Areas, And Commercial Campgrounds. Camping Is A Key Part Of Many Youth Organizations Around The World, Such As Scouting, Which Use It To Teach Both Self-Reliance And Teamwork.

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Kith 5 Years


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Self-Care 5 Years

Self Care Is The Responsibility Of An Individual In Regard To Health Management, Without The Aid Of A Medical Professional. In Health Care, Self-Care Is Any Human Regulatory Practise Which Is Under Individual Control, Deliberate And Self-Initiated, For The Purpose Of "Maintaining Life, Health And Well-Being.

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Soft White 5 Years

Soft White Is The Seventh Solo Studio Album By American Rapper Mack 10. It Was Released On September 29, 2009 Through Hoo-Bangin' Records With Distribution Via Fontana. Production Was Handled By Don Vito, Ervin "Ep" Pope, Dj Green Lantern, Dow Jones, Fingazz, Fredwreck, Honorable C.N.O.T.E., Mike City, Southboy And Young Tre, With Roland Pole And Mack 10 Serving As Executive Producers. It Features Guest Appearances From Glasses Malone, Akon, Anthony Hamilton, Birdman, Jazze Pha, J. Holiday, Lil Wayne, Red Café And Rick Ross. The Album Debuted At Number 141 On The Billboard 200, Selling 3,900 Copies. The First Single, "Big Balla" Featuring Birdman And Glasses Malone Was Released September 23, 2008, But Due To Its Lackluster Reviews And Chart Performance It Was Used As A Promotional Single Instead. "So Sharp" Featuring Jim Jones And Lil Wayne Was Set To Be A Single And Was Released Through Itunes On April 14, 2009, But Jim Jones' Label Did Not Clear His Name To Be Used On The Album. As An Effort To Keep The Song As His First Single, Mack 10 Simply Changed The Lineup Adding Rick Ross Along With Jazze Pha. The Lead Single "So Sharp" Featuring Lil' Wayne, Rick Ross And Jazze Pha Became

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Tennis 5 Years

Tennis Is A Racket Sport That Can Be Played Individually Against A Single Opponent Or Between Two Teams Of Two Players Each. Each Player Uses A Tennis Racket That Is Strung With Cord To Strike A Hollow Rubber Ball Covered With Felt Over Or Around A Net And Into The Opponent's Court.

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Gloves 5 Years

A Glove Is A Garment Covering The Hand. Gloves Usually Have Separate Sheaths Or Openings For Each Finger And The Thumb. If There Is An Opening But No (Or A Short) Covering Sheath For Each Finger They Are Called Fingerless Gloves. Fingerless Gloves Having One Small Opening Rather Than Individual Openings For Each Finger Are Sometimes Called Gauntlets, Though Gauntlets Are Not Necessarily Fingerless. Gloves Which Cover The Entire Hand Or Fist But Do Not Have Separate Finger Openings Or Sheaths Are Called Mittens. Mittens Are Warmer Than Other Styles Of Gloves Made Of The Same Material Because Fingers Maintain Their Warmth Better When They Are In Contact With Each Other; Reduced Surface Area Reduces Heat Loss. A Hybrid Of Glove And Mitten Contains Open-Ended Sheaths For The Four Fingers (As In A Fingerless Glove, But Not The Thumb) And An Additional Compartment Encapsulating The Four Fingers. This Compartment Can Be Lifted Off The Fingers And Folded Back To Allow The Individual Fingers Ease Of Movement And Access While The Hand Remains Covered. The Usual Design Is For The Mitten Cavity To Be Stitched Onto The Back Of The Fingerless Glove Only, Allowing It To Be Flipped Over (Normally

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Weighted Blanke 5 Years

A Weighted Blanket Is A Heavy Blanket That Is Used To Aid Sleep And Reduce Anxiety. Initially, Weighted Blankets Were Most Commonly Used As Therapeutic Tools To Assist Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorders (Asd), Dementia, And Other Mental Health Conditions. They Have Subsequently Become A Mass-Market Product. To Date, Scientific Evidence For Their Efficacy Is Either Lacking Or Inconclusive.

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