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Wild Privet 5 Years

Ligustrum Vulgare Is A Species Of Ligustrum Native To Central And Southern Europe, North Africa And Southwestern Asia, From Ireland And Southwestern Sweden South To Morocco, And East To Poland And Northwestern Iran.

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Neuralink 5 Years

Neuralink Corporation Is A Neurotechnology Company Founded By Elon Musk And Others, Developing Implantable Brain–Machine Interfaces. The Company's Headquarters Is In San Francisco; It Was Started In 2016 And Was First Publicly Reported In March 2017.

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Shitshow 5 Years


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Tldr 5 Years


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Snake 5 Years

Snakes Are Elongated, Limbless, Carnivorous Reptiles Of The Suborder Serpentes . Like All Other Squamates, Snakes Are Ectothermic, Amniote Vertebrates Covered In Overlapping Scales. Many Species Of Snakes Have Skulls With Several More Joints Than Their Lizard Ancestors, Enabling Them To Swallow Prey Much Larger Than Their Heads With Their Highly Mobile Jaws. To Accommodate Their Narrow Bodies, Snakes' Paired Organs (Such As Kidneys) Appear One In Front Of The Other Instead Of Side By Side, And Most Have Only One Functional Lung. Some Species Retain A Pelvic Girdle With A Pair Of Vestigial Claws On Either Side Of The Cloaca. Lizards Have Evolved Elongate Bodies Without Limbs Or With Greatly Reduced Limbs About Twenty-Five Times Independently Via Convergent Evolution, Leading To Many Lineages Of Legless Lizards. These Resemble Snakes, But Several Common Groups Of Legless Lizards Have Eyelids And External Ears, Which Snakes Lack, Although This Rule Is Not Universal (See Amphisbaenia, Dibamidae, And Pygopodidae). Living Snakes Are Found On Every Continent Except Antarctica, And On Most Smaller Land Masses; Exceptions Include Some Large Islands, Such As Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, The

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Podcast Advertising 5 Years

A Podcast Is An Episodic Series Of Spoken Word Digital Audio Files That A User Can Download To A Personal Device For Easy Listening. Streaming Applications And Podcasting Services Provide A Convenient And Integrated Way To Manage A Personal Consumption Queue Across Many Podcast Sources And Playback Devices. A Podcast Series Usually Features One Or More Recurring Hosts Engaged In A Discussion About A Particular Topic Or Current Event. Discussion And Content Within A Podcast Can Range From Carefully Scripted To Completely Improvised. Podcasts Combine Elaborate And Artistic Sound Production With Thematic Concerns Ranging From Scientific Research To Slice-Of-Life Journalism. Many Podcast Series Provide An Associated Website With Links And Show Notes, Guest Biographies, Transcripts, Additional Resources, Commentary, And Even A Community Forum Dedicated To Discussing The Show's Content. The Cost To The Consumer Is Low. While Many Podcasts Are Free To Download, Some Are Underwritten By Corporations Or Sponsored, With The Inclusion Of Commercial Advertisements. In Other Cases, A Podcast Could Also Be A Business Venture Supported By Some Combination Of A Paid Subscription Model, Advertising

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Cotija 5 Years

Cotija Is An Aged Mexican Cheese Made From Cow's Milk And Named After The Town Of Cotija, Michoacán.

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Tennis 5 Years

Tennis Is A Racket Sport That Can Be Played Individually Against A Single Opponent Or Between Two Teams Of Two Players Each. Each Player Uses A Tennis Racket That Is Strung With Cord To Strike A Hollow Rubber Ball Covered With Felt Over Or Around A Net And Into The Opponent's Court.

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Robocop 5 Years

In A Violent, Near-Apocalyptic Detroit, Evil Corporation Omni Consumer Products Wins A Contract From The City Government To Privatize The Police Force. To Test Their Crime-Eradicating Cyborgs, The Company Leads Street Cop Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) Into An Armed Confrontation With Crime Lord Boddicker (Kurtwood Smith) So They Can Use His Body To Support Their Untested Robocop Prototype. But When Robocop Learns Of The Company's Nefarious Plans, He Turns On His Masters.… More

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Fallout 4 5 Years

Fallout 4 Is An Action Role-Playing Game Developed By Bethesda Game Studios And Published By Bethesda Softworks. It Is The Fourth Main Game In The Fallout Series And Was Released Worldwide On November 10, 2015, For Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 And Xbox One.

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Business Podcast 5 Years

Business Wars Is A Podcast Hosted By David Brown And Produced By Wondery. The Podcast Premiered On January 20 2018, And Consists Of More Than 150 Episodes. By The End Of 2018, It Has Been Downloaded More Than 15 Million Times.It Critically Examines "Business Rivalries" Between Two Organizations (Or Between Two Brands) And Tries To Derive A Conclusion Concerning The Success Or Failure In The Form Of A Single Episode Or A Series Of Episodes.

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Csgo 5 Years

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Is A Multiplayer First-Person Shooter Developed By Valve And Hidden Path Entertainment. It Is The Fourth Game In The Counter-Strike Series. Developed For Over Two Years, Global Offensive Was Released For Windows, Macos, Xbox 360, And Playstation 3 In August 2012, And For Linux In 2014.

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