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Voicemod 5 Years

The Term Voice Changer Refers To A Device Which Can Change The Tone Or Pitch Of Or Add Distortion To The User's Voice, Or A Combination And Vary Greatly In Price And Sophistication. A Kazoo/Didgeridoo Can Be Used As A Makeshift Voice Changer, Though It Can Be Difficult To Understand What The Person Is Trying To Say.

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Lg Gram 5 Years

Early Examples Of Lg Laptops Were Netbooks: X110, X120 And X130 From 2009.

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Balsamiq 5 Years

Balsamiq Studios Is An Isv Founded In March 2008 By Peldi Guilizzoni, A Former Adobe Senior Software Engineer. The Web-Based Balsamiq Mockup Tool Was Launched In June 2008. Balsamiq Has 33 Employees Based In San Francisco, Sacramento, Chicago, Bologna, Paris, And Bremen.

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Youtube Studio 5 Years

Youtube Is An American Video-Sharing Website Headquartered In San Bruno, California. Although The Most-Viewed Videos Were Initially Viral Videos, Such As "Evolution Of Dance" And "Charlie Bit My Finger", The Most-Viewed Videos Were Increasingly Related To Music Videos. In Fact, Since Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" In 2009, Every Video That Has Reached The Top Of The "Most-Viewed Youtube Videos" List Has Been A Music Video. Although Some Of The Previously Most-Viewed Videos Are No Longer Listed On The Site, Reaching The Top Of The List Is Still Considered A Tremendous Feat. In November 2005, A Nike Advertisement Featuring Brazilian Football Player Ronaldinho Became The First Video To Reach One Million Views.

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Customer Data Platform 5 Years

A Customer Data Platform (Cdp) Is A Collection Of Software Which Creates A Persistent, Unified Customer Database That Is Accessible To Other Systems. Data Is Pulled From Multiple Sources, Cleaned And Combined To Create A Single Customer Profile. This Structured Data Is Then Made Available To Other Marketing Systems. According To Gartner, Customer Data Platforms Have Evolved From A Variety Of Mature Markets, "Including Multichannel Campaign Management, Tag Management And Data Integration."The Cdp Market Is Currently A $300 Million Industry And Projected To Reach $1 Billion By 2019.

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Appimage 5 Years

Appimage Is A Format For Distributing Portable Software On Linux Without Needing Superuser Permissions To Install The Application. It Tries Also To Allow Linux Distribution-Agnostic Binary Software Deployment For Application Developers, Also Called Upstream Packaging.

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Chessboard 5 Years

A Chessboard Is The Type Of Gameboard Used For The Game Of Chess, On Which The Chess Pawns And Pieces Are Placed. A Chessboard Is Usually Square In Shape, With An Alternating Pattern Of Squares In Two Colours. Though Usually Played On A Surface, A Tangible Board Is Not A Requirement To Play The Game. Traditionally Wooden Boards Are Made Of Unstained Light And Dark Brown Woods. To Reduce Cost, Many Boards Are Made With Veneers Of More Expensive Woods Glued To An Inner Piece Of Plywood Or Chipboard. A Variety Of Colours Combinations Are Used For Plastic, Vinyl, And Silicone Boards. Common Dark-Light Combinations Are Black And White, As Well As Brown, Green Or Blue With Buff Or Cream. Materials Vary Widely; While Wooden Boards Are Generally Used In High-Level Games; Vinyl, Plastic, And Cardboard Are Common For Less Important Tournaments And Matches And For Home Use. Decorative Glass And Marble Boards Are Rarely Permitted For Games Conducted By National Or International Chess Federations. When They Are Permitted, They Must Meet Various Criteria (See The Text On Fide Regulations Below) In Western Chess The Board Has A Square Shape, With Its Side Being Divided Into Eight Parts, Resultin

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Phone Cases 5 Years

Mobile Accessories Include Any Hardware That Is Not Integral To The Operation Of A Mobile Smartphone As Designed By The Manufacturer.

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Google Cloud Datastore 5 Years

Google Cloud Datastore Is A Highly Scalable, Fully Managed Nosql Database Service Offered By Google On The Google Cloud Platform. Cloud Storage Is Something That "Allows You To Save Data And Files In An Off-Site Location That You Access Either Through The Public Internet Or A Dedicated Private Network Connection."

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Sennheiser 5 Years

Sennheiser Electronic Gmbh & Co. Kg Is A German Privately Held Audio Company Specializing In The Design And Production Of A Wide Range Of High Fidelity Products, Including Microphones, Headphones, Telephone Accessories And Aviation Headsets For Personal, Professional And Business Applications.

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Jigsaw Puzzle 5 Years

A Jigsaw Puzzle Is A Tiling Puzzle That Requires The Assembly Of Often Oddly Shaped Interlocking And Mosaiced Pieces. Typically, Each Individual Piece Has A Portion Of A Picture; When Assembled, They Produce A Complete Picture.

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Freelancing 5 Years

Freelance (Sometimes Spelled Free-Lance Or Free Lance), Freelancer, Or Freelance Worker, Are Terms Commonly Used For A Person Who Is Self-Employed And Not Necessarily Committed To A Particular Employer Long-Term. Freelance Workers Are Sometimes Represented By A Company Or A Temporary Agency That Resells Freelance Labor To Clients; Others Work Independently Or Use Professional Associations Or Websites To Get Work. While The Term Independent Contractor Would Be Used In A Different Register Of English To Designate The Tax And Employment Classes Of This Type Of Worker, The Term "Freelancing" Is Most Common In Culture And Creative Industries, And Use Of This Term May Indicate Participation Therein.Fields, Professions, And Industries Where Freelancing Is Predominant Include: Music, Writing, Acting, Computer Programming, Web Design, Graphic Design, Translating And Illustrating, Film And Video Production And Other Forms Of Piece Work Which Some Cultural Theorists Consider As Central To The Cognitive-Cultural Economy.

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