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Wild Privet 5 Years

Ligustrum Vulgare Is A Species Of Ligustrum Native To Central And Southern Europe, North Africa And Southwestern Asia, From Ireland And Southwestern Sweden South To Morocco, And East To Poland And Northwestern Iran.

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Glass Doors 5 Years

A Sliding Glass Door, Patio Door, Or Doorwall Is A Type Of Sliding Door In Architecture And Construction, Is A Large Glass Window Opening In A Structure That Provide Door Access From A Room To The Outdoors, Fresh Air, And Copious Natural Light. A Sliding Glass Door Is Usually Considered A Single Unit Consisting Of Two Panel Sections, One Being Fixed And One A Being Mobile To Slide Open. Another Design, A Wall-Sized Glass Pocket Door Has One Or More Panels Movable And Sliding Into Wall Pockets, Completely Disappearing For A 'Wide Open' Indoor-Outdoor Room Experience. The Sliding Glass Door Was Introduced As A Significant Element Of Pre-War International Style Architecture In Europe And North America. Their Precedent Is The Sliding Shōji And Fusuma Panel Door In Traditional Japanese Architecture. The Post-War Building Boom In Modernist And Mid-Century Modern Styles, And On To Suburban Ranch-Style Tract Houses, Multi-Unit Housing, And Hotel-Motel Chains Has Made Them A Standard Element In Residential And Hospitality Building Construction In Many Regions And Countries.

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Stone Coat Countertops 5 Years


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Garden Near Me 5 Years

Holly Near (Born June 6, 1949 In Ukiah, California) Is An American Singer-Songwriter, Actress, Teacher, And Activist.

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Lilys 5 Years

Lilys Are An American Indie Rock Band Formed In Washington, D.C In 1988. The Only Constant Member Is Kurt Heasley, With The Line-Up Changing Regularly. Several Of The Band's Tracks Have Been Used In Television Advertisements, And The Band's Biggest Hit Was One Of These, "A Nanny In Manhattan", Which Reached No. 16 In The Uk After Being Used In A Levi's Advertisement Directed By Roman Coppola.

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Plastic Roofing 5 Years


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Bath Drain 5 Years


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Granular Cheese 5 Years

Granular Cheese, Also Known As Stirred Curd Cheese And Hard Cheese, Is A Type Of Cheese Produced By Repeatedly Stirring And Draining A Mixture Of Curd And Whey. It Can Refer To A Wide Variety Of Cheeses, Including The Grana Cheeses Such As Parmigiano-Reggiano And Various Others.

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Buffet 5 Years

A Buffet Can Be Either A Sideboard (A Flat-Topped Piece Of Furniture With Cupboards And Drawers, Used For Storing Crockery, Glasses, And Table Linen) Or A System Of Serving Meals In Which Food Is Placed In A Public Area Where The Diners Serve Themselves. A Form Of Service À La Française, Buffets Are Offered At Various Places Including Hotels, Restaurants, And Many Social Events. Buffet Restaurants Normally Offer All-You-Can-Eat Food For A Set Price, But Some Measure Prices By Weight Or By Number Of Dishes. Buffets Usually Have Some Hot Dishes, So The Term Cold Buffet (See Smörgåsbord) Has Been Developed To Describe Formats Lacking Hot Food. Hot Or Cold Buffets Usually Involve Dishware And Utensils, But A Finger Buffet Is An Array Of Foods That Are Designed To Be Small And Easily Consumed Only By Hand, Such As Cupcakes, Slices Of Pizza, Foods On Cocktail Sticks, Etc. The Essential Feature Of The Various Buffet Formats Is That The Diners Can Directly View The Food And Immediately Select Which Dishes They Wish To Consume, And Usually Also Can Decide How Much Food They Take. Buffets Are Effective For Serving Large Numbers Of People At Once, And Are Often Seen In Institutional Settings,

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Air Pods 5 Years

After A Simple One-Tap Setup, Airpods Work Like Magic. They're Automatically On And Always Connected. Airpods Can Even Sense When They're In Your Ears And Pause When You Take Them Out. You Have The Freedom To Wear One Or Both Airpods, And You Can Play Or Skip Forward With A Double-Tap When Listening To Music Or Podcasts.… More

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Ring Lights 5 Years

A Ring Flash Is A Circular Photographic Electronic Flash That Fits Around A Camera Lens. Unlike Point Light Sources, A Ring Flash Provides Even Illumination With Few Shadows Visible In The Resulting Photographs Because The Origin Of The Light Is Very Close To (And Surrounds) The Optical Axis Of The Lens. It Was Invented By Lester A. Dine In 1952 For Use In Dental Photography, But Now Is Commonly Used In Applications Such As Macro, Portrait And Fashion Photography. As The Efficiency Of Light Sources, And The Sensitivity Of Photographic Imaging Sensors, Increased, The Use Of A Continuous Ring Light Instead Of A Flash Increased. A Ring Light Has The Same Advantages As A Ring Flash, But Produces Continuous Light At A Lower Intensity, So The Image Can Be Examined Before Taking The Photograph. In The Past A Circular Fluorescent Tube Was Often Used; Leds Are Now Frequently Used. Brightness And Colour Temperature Can Be Changed On Some Devices. In Addition To Lights That Are Fitted To The Filter Ring Of A Camera, Inexpensive Versions That Clip Onto A Mobile Phone Or Other Device Equipped With A Camera (Facing Away From Or Towards The User) Are Available.

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Gloves 5 Years

A Glove Is A Garment Covering The Hand. Gloves Usually Have Separate Sheaths Or Openings For Each Finger And The Thumb. If There Is An Opening But No (Or A Short) Covering Sheath For Each Finger They Are Called Fingerless Gloves. Fingerless Gloves Having One Small Opening Rather Than Individual Openings For Each Finger Are Sometimes Called Gauntlets, Though Gauntlets Are Not Necessarily Fingerless. Gloves Which Cover The Entire Hand Or Fist But Do Not Have Separate Finger Openings Or Sheaths Are Called Mittens. Mittens Are Warmer Than Other Styles Of Gloves Made Of The Same Material Because Fingers Maintain Their Warmth Better When They Are In Contact With Each Other; Reduced Surface Area Reduces Heat Loss. A Hybrid Of Glove And Mitten Contains Open-Ended Sheaths For The Four Fingers (As In A Fingerless Glove, But Not The Thumb) And An Additional Compartment Encapsulating The Four Fingers. This Compartment Can Be Lifted Off The Fingers And Folded Back To Allow The Individual Fingers Ease Of Movement And Access While The Hand Remains Covered. The Usual Design Is For The Mitten Cavity To Be Stitched Onto The Back Of The Fingerless Glove Only, Allowing It To Be Flipped Over (Normally

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