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Commit 5 Years

In Version Control Systems, A Commit Is An Operation Which Sends The Latest Changes To The Source Code To The Repository, Making These Changes Part Of The Head Revision Of The Repository. Unlike Commits In Data Management, Commits In Version Control Systems Are Kept In The Repository Indefinitely.

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Safety Glasses 5 Years

Safety Glass Is Glass With Additional Safety Features That Make It Less Likely To Break, Or Less Likely To Pose A Threat When Broken. Common Designs Include Toughened Glass (Also Known As Tempered Glass), Laminated Glass, And Wire Mesh Glass (Also Known As Wired Glass). Wire Mesh Glass Was Invented By Frank Shuman. Laminated Glass Was Invented In 1903 By The French Chemist Édouard Bénédictus (1878–1930).These Four Approaches Can Easily Be Combined, Allowing For The Creation Of Glass That Is At The Same Time Toughened, Laminated, And Contains A Wire Mesh. However, Combination Of A Wire Mesh With Other Techniques Is Unusual, As It Typically Betrays Their Individual Qualities.

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Nutrients 5 Years

A Nutrient Is A Substance Used By An Organism To Survive, Grow, And Reproduce. The Requirement For Dietary Nutrient Intake Applies To Animals, Plants, Fungi, And Protists.

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C-Reactive Protein 5 Years

C-Reactive Protein (Crp) Is An Annular (Ring-Shaped), Pentameric Protein Found In Blood Plasma, Whose Circulating Concentrations Rise In Response To Inflammation. It Is An Acute-Phase Protein Of Hepatic Origin That Increases Following Interleukin-6 Secretion By Macrophages And T Cells. Its Physiological Role Is To Bind To Lysophosphatidylcholine Expressed On The Surface Of Dead Or Dying Cells (And Some Types Of Bacteria) In Order To Activate The Complement System Via C1q.Crp Is Synthesized By The Liver In Response To Factors Released By Macrophages And Fat Cells (Adipocytes). It Is A Member Of The Pentraxin Family Of Proteins. It Is Not Related To C-Peptide (Insulin) Or Protein C (Blood Coagulation). C-Reactive Protein Was The First Pattern Recognition Receptor (Prr) To Be Identified.

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Neuralink 5 Years

Neuralink Corporation Is A Neurotechnology Company Founded By Elon Musk And Others, Developing Implantable Brain–Machine Interfaces. The Company's Headquarters Is In San Francisco; It Was Started In 2016 And Was First Publicly Reported In March 2017.

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Mueller 5 Years

Muller Is A Surname. Notable People With The Surname Include:

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Kambo Cleanse 5 Years

A Kambo Cleansing, Also Known As A Kambo Circle Or Kambo Ceremony, Kambo, Vacina-Do-Sapo, Or Sapo, Is A Purge Using Skin Secretions Of The Kambô, A Species Of Frog. The Effects On Humans Usually Include Nausea, Vomiting, And Diarrhea; Kambo's Usage Produced Several Deaths.

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Self-Care 5 Years

Self Care Is The Responsibility Of An Individual In Regard To Health Management, Without The Aid Of A Medical Professional. In Health Care, Self-Care Is Any Human Regulatory Practise Which Is Under Individual Control, Deliberate And Self-Initiated, For The Purpose Of "Maintaining Life, Health And Well-Being.

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Fish Collagen 5 Years

Collagen () Is The Main Structural Protein In The Extracellular Matrix Found In The Body's Various Connective Tissues. As The Main Component Of Connective Tissue, It Is The Most Abundant Protein In Mammals, Making Up From 25% To 35% Of The Whole-Body Protein Content. Collagen Consists Of Amino Acids Bound Together To Form A Triple Helix Of Elongated Fibril Known As A Collagen Helix. It Is Mostly Found In Connective Tissue Such As Cartilage, Bones, Tendons, Ligaments, And Skin. Depending Upon The Degree Of Mineralization, Collagen Tissues May Be Rigid (Bone), Compliant (Tendon), Or Have A Gradient From Rigid To Compliant (Cartilage). Collagen Is Also Abundant In Corneas, Blood Vessels, The Gut, Intervertebral Discs, And The Dentin In Teeth. In Muscle Tissue, It Serves As A Major Component Of The Endomysium. Collagen Constitutes One To Two Percent Of Muscle Tissue And Accounts For 6% Of The Weight Of Strong, Tendinous, Muscles. The Fibroblast Is The Most Common Cell That Creates Collagen. Gelatin, Which Is Used In Food And Industry, Is Collagen That Has Been Irreversibly Hydrolyzed. Collagen Has Many Medical Uses In Treating Complications Of The Bones And Skin. The Name Collagen Come

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Neurologist 5 Years

Neurology (From Greek: Νεῦρον (Neûron), "String, Nerve" And The Suffix -Logia, "Study Of") Is A Branch Of Medicine Dealing With Disorders Of The Nervous System. Neurology Deals With The Diagnosis And Treatment Of All Categories Of Conditions And Disease Involving The Central And Peripheral Nervous Systems (And Their Subdivisions, The Autonomic And Somatic Nervous Systems), Including Their Coverings, Blood Vessels, And All Effector Tissue, Such As Muscle. Neurological Practice Relies Heavily On The Field Of Neuroscience, The Scientific Study Of The Nervous System. A Neurologist Is A Physician Specializing In Neurology And Trained To Investigate, Or Diagnose And Treat Neurological Disorders. Neurologists May Also Be Involved In Clinical Research, Clinical Trials, And Basic Or Translational Research. While Neurology Is A Nonsurgical Specialty, Its Corresponding Surgical Specialty Is Neurosurgery.Significant Overlap Occurs Between The Fields Of Neurology And Psychiatry, With The Boundary Between The Two Disciplines And The Conditions They Treat Being Somewhat Nebulous.

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Cannabis Dispensary 5 Years

A Cannabis Shop, Cannabis Dispensary, Or Cannabis Cooperative Is A Location At Which Marijuana Is Sold For Recreational Or Medical Use. In The Netherlands These Are Called Coffeeshops. In The United States They Exist As An Outlet For Both Recreational And Medical Use. These Shops Differ From Head Shops In That The Latter Sells Only Drug Paraphernalia. In 2015, The City Of San Diego Made A Green Alternative The First Licensed Medical Marijuana Dispensary And Delivery Service In The City. The World's Largest Cannabis Dispensary Is In Las Vegas, Nevada At 112,000 Square Feet Opened By Planet 13 Holdings.

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Therapeutics 5 Years

A Therapy Or Medical Treatment (Often Abbreviated Tx, Tx, Or Tx) Is The Attempted Remediation Of A Health Problem, Usually Following A Medical Diagnosis. As A Rule, Each Therapy Has Indications And Contraindications. There Are Many Different Types Of Therapy. Not All Therapies Are Effective. Many Therapies Can Produce Unwanted Adverse Effects. Treatment And Therapy Are Generally Considered Synonyms. However, In The Context Of Mental Health, The Term Therapy May Refer Specifically To Psychotherapy.

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