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Juul 3 Months

Juul Labs, Inc. Is An American Electronic Cigarette Company Which Spun Off From Pax Labs In 2017. It Makes The Juul E-Cigarette, Which Packages Nicotine Salts From Leaf Tobacco Into One-Time Use Cartridges. Juul Labs Was Co-Founded By Adam Bowen And James Monsees. It Is Headquartered In San Francisco.

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Hbcu 3 Months

Historically Black Colleges And Universities Are Institutions Of Higher Education In The United States That Were Established Before The Civil Rights Act Of 1964 With The Intention Of Primarily Serving The African-American Community.

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Self-Care 3 Months

Self Care Is The Responsibility Of An Individual In Regard To Health Management, Without The Aid Of A Medical Professional. In Health Care, Self-Care Is Any Human Regulatory Practise Which Is Under Individual Control, Deliberate And Self-Initiated, For The Purpose Of "Maintaining Life, Health And Well-Being.

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Neurologist 3 Months

Neurology (From Greek: Νεῦρον (Neûron), "String, Nerve" And The Suffix -Logia, "Study Of") Is A Branch Of Medicine Dealing With Disorders Of The Nervous System. Neurology Deals With The Diagnosis And Treatment Of All Categories Of Conditions And Disease Involving The Central And Peripheral Nervous Systems (And Their Subdivisions, The Autonomic And Somatic Nervous Systems), Including Their Coverings, Blood Vessels, And All Effector Tissue, Such As Muscle. Neurological Practice Relies Heavily On The Field Of Neuroscience, The Scientific Study Of The Nervous System. A Neurologist Is A Physician Specializing In Neurology And Trained To Investigate, Or Diagnose And Treat Neurological Disorders. Neurologists May Also Be Involved In Clinical Research, Clinical Trials, And Basic Or Translational Research. While Neurology Is A Nonsurgical Specialty, Its Corresponding Surgical Specialty Is Neurosurgery.Significant Overlap Occurs Between The Fields Of Neurology And Psychiatry, With The Boundary Between The Two Disciplines And The Conditions They Treat Being Somewhat Nebulous.

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Holi 3 Months

Holi Is A Popular Ancient Hindu Festival, Also Known As The "Festival Of Love", The "Festival Of Colours", And The "Festival Of Spring". The Festival Celebrates The Eternal And Divine Love Of Radha And Krishna.

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Trendlab 3 Months


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Tesla 3 Months

Tesla, Inc. Is An American Electric Vehicle And Clean Energy Company Based In Palo Alto, California. Tesla's Current Products Include Electric Cars, Battery Energy Storage From Home To Grid Scale, Solar Panels And Solar Roof Tiles, As Well As Other Related Products And Services.

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Silk Bonnet 3 Months

Bonnet Has Been Used As The Name For A Wide Variety Of Headgear For All Genders—More Often Women—From The Middle Ages To The Present. As With "Hat" And "Cap", It Is Impossible To Generalize As To The Styles For Which The Word Has Been Used, But There Is For All Genders A Tendency To Use The Word For Pop Styles In Soft Material And Lacking A Brim, Or At Least One All The Way Round, Rather Than Just At The Front. Yet The Term Has Also Been Used, For Example, For Steel Helmets. This Was From Scotland (In 1505), Where The Term Has Long Been Especially Popular.Headgear Tied Under The Chin With A String Was Especially Likely To Be Called A Bonnet. Other Features Associated With Bonnets As Opposed To Hats Was That The Forehead Was Not Covered, And The Back Of The Head Often Was. The Outdoor Headgear Of Woman Servants And Workers Was More Likely To Be Called A Bonnet. It Was Often Worn Outside Over A Thinner Everyday Head Covering, Which Was Worn At All Times. In Summary, Hats Were Often Stiffer, Worn On The Top Of The Head With The Crown And Brim Roughly Horizontal, While Bonnets Were Pushed Back, Covering The Back Of The Head, With Any Brim Often Approaching The Vertical At The Front. Ot

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