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Zapp 5 Years

Zapp Is An American Funk Band That Emerged From Dayton, Ohio, United States, In 1977. Particularly Influential In The Electro Subgenre Of Funk, Zapp Were Known For Their Trademark Use Of The Talk-Box Effect.

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Wondery 5 Years

Wondery Is An American Podcast Network Launched By Hernan Lopez With Backing From 20th Century Fox. On December 2, 2020, The Wall Street Journal Reported That Amazon Was In Talks To Acquire Wondery, At A Valuation Of Over $300 Million.

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White Dresser 5 Years

Cross-Dressing Is The Act Of Wearing Items Of Clothing Not Commonly Associated With One's Sex. Cross-Dressing Has Been Used For Purposes Of Disguise, Comfort, And Self-Expression In Modern Times And Throughout History. Almost Every Human Society Throughout History Has Had Expected Norms For Each Gender Relating To Style, Color, Or Type Of Clothing They Are Expected To Wear, And Likewise Most Societies Have Had A Set Of Guidelines, Views Or Even Laws Defining What Type Of Clothing Is Appropriate For Each Gender. The Term Cross-Dressing Refers To An Action Or A Behavior, Without Attributing Or Implying Any Specific Causes Or Motives For That Behavior. Cross-Dressing Is Not Synonymous With Being Transgender.

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Weighted Blanket 5 Years


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Transferwise 5 Years

Transferwise Is A London-Based Online Money Transfer Service Founded In January 2011 By Estonians Kristo Käärmann And Taavet Hinrikus.

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Trendlab 5 Years

Arthur Dale Trendall, (28 March 1909 – 13 November 1995) Was A New Zealand-Born Australian Art Historian And Classical Archaeologist Whose Work On Identifying The Work Of Individual Artists On Greek Ceramic Vessels At Apulia And Other Sites Earned Him International Prizes And A Papal Knighthood. Educated At The University Of Otago (1926–29) And The University Of Cambridge (1931–33), Trendall Was Professionally Associated With The University Of Sydney And Australian National University. He Was Deputy Vice-Chancellor And Master Of University House At The Latter Institution. From 1969 Until His Death He Was Resident Fellow At La Trobe University In Melbourne.In World War Ii He Was A Cryptographer At Frumel In Melbourne.

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Tesla 5 Years

Tesla, Inc. Is An American Electric Vehicle And Clean Energy Company Based In Palo Alto, California. Tesla's Current Products Include Electric Cars, Battery Energy Storage From Home To Grid Scale, Solar Panels And Solar Roof Tiles, As Well As Other Related Products And Services.

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