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Body Lotion 1 Year

A Lotion Is A Low-Viscosity Topical Preparation Intended For Application To The Skin. By Contrast, Creams And Gels Have Higher Viscosity, Typically Due To Lower Water Content. Lotions Are Applied To External Skin With Bare Hands, A Brush, A Clean Cloth, Or Cotton Wool. While A Lotion May Be Used As A Medicine Delivery System, Many Lotions, Especially Hand Lotions And Body Lotions And Lotion For Allergies Are Meant Instead To Simply Smooth, Moisturize, Soften And Perhaps Perfume The Skin.Some Skincare Products, Such As Sunscreen And Moisturizer, May Be Available In Multiple Formats, Such As Lotions, Gels, Creams, Or Sprays.

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Kambo Cleanse 1 Year

A Kambo Cleansing, Also Known As A Kambo Circle Or Kambo Ceremony, Kambo, Vacina-Do-Sapo, Or Sapo, Is A Purge Using Skin Secretions Of The Kambô, A Species Of Frog. The Effects On Humans Usually Include Nausea, Vomiting, And Diarrhea; Kambo's Usage Produced Several Deaths.

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Boho 1 Year


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Self-Care 1 Year

Self Care Is The Responsibility Of An Individual In Regard To Health Management, Without The Aid Of A Medical Professional. In Health Care, Self-Care Is Any Human Regulatory Practise Which Is Under Individual Control, Deliberate And Self-Initiated, For The Purpose Of "Maintaining Life, Health And Well-Being.

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Keras 1 Year

Keras Is An Open-Source Software Library That Provides A Python Interface For Artificial Neural Networks. Keras Acts As An Interface For The Tensorflow Library. Up Until Version 2.3 Keras Supported Multiple Backends, Including Tensorflow, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, Theano, And Plaidml.

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Homemade Hair Mask 1 Year


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Fish Collagen 1 Year

Collagen () Is The Main Structural Protein In The Extracellular Matrix Found In The Body's Various Connective Tissues. As The Main Component Of Connective Tissue, It Is The Most Abundant Protein In Mammals, Making Up From 25% To 35% Of The Whole-Body Protein Content. Collagen Consists Of Amino Acids Bound Together To Form A Triple Helix Of Elongated Fibril Known As A Collagen Helix. It Is Mostly Found In Connective Tissue Such As Cartilage, Bones, Tendons, Ligaments, And Skin. Depending Upon The Degree Of Mineralization, Collagen Tissues May Be Rigid (Bone), Compliant (Tendon), Or Have A Gradient From Rigid To Compliant (Cartilage). Collagen Is Also Abundant In Corneas, Blood Vessels, The Gut, Intervertebral Discs, And The Dentin In Teeth. In Muscle Tissue, It Serves As A Major Component Of The Endomysium. Collagen Constitutes One To Two Percent Of Muscle Tissue And Accounts For 6% Of The Weight Of Strong, Tendinous, Muscles. The Fibroblast Is The Most Common Cell That Creates Collagen. Gelatin, Which Is Used In Food And Industry, Is Collagen That Has Been Irreversibly Hydrolyzed. Collagen Has Many Medical Uses In Treating Complications Of The Bones And Skin. The Name Collagen Come

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Therapeutics 1 Year

A Therapy Or Medical Treatment (Often Abbreviated Tx, Tx, Or Tx) Is The Attempted Remediation Of A Health Problem, Usually Following A Medical Diagnosis. As A Rule, Each Therapy Has Indications And Contraindications. There Are Many Different Types Of Therapy. Not All Therapies Are Effective. Many Therapies Can Produce Unwanted Adverse Effects. Treatment And Therapy Are Generally Considered Synonyms. However, In The Context Of Mental Health, The Term Therapy May Refer Specifically To Psychotherapy.

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Isoflat 1 Year


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Beauty Products 1 Year

Cosmetics Are A Category Of Health And Beauty Products That Are Used To Care For The Face And Body, Or Used To Accentuate Or Change A Person's Appearance. Cosmetics Can Boost Confidence. Though Cosmetics Are Commonly Thought Of As Only Makeup Used To Alter A Person's Appearance, Cosmetics Can Also Refer To A Number Of Products Used To Care For The Skin And The Body, As Well As Those Used To Add Fragrance To It. There Are A Large Number Of Cosmetics Available Under These Various Categories, Each Designed For Different Purposes And Featuring Different Characteristics. Cosmetics Are Widely Used And Accepted In Many Different Cultures. The Popularity Of Cosmetics Can Be Attributed To The Creative Self-Expression And Self-Identity Aspect. Makeup And Cosmetics Can Be Used To Subtly Enhance Natural Features Or Create A New Look. The Cosmetic And Makeup Industry Is Worth Billions Of Dollars And Continues To Increase Due To The Growing Popularity And Acceptance Of Makeup And Cosmetics. Cosmetics Are Constituted From A Mixture Of Chemical Compounds Derived From Either Natural Sources Or Synthetically Created Ones. Cosmetics Designed For Skin Care Can Be Used To Cleanse, Exfoliate And Protect

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Labial 1 Year

Labial Consonants Are Consonants In Which One Or Both Lips Are The Active Articulator. The Two Common Labial Articulations Are Bilabials, Articulated Using Both Lips, And Labiodentals, Articulated With The Lower Lip Against The Upper Teeth, Both Of Which Are Present In English.

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Weighted Blanke 1 Year

A Weighted Blanket Is A Heavy Blanket That Is Used To Aid Sleep And Reduce Anxiety. Initially, Weighted Blankets Were Most Commonly Used As Therapeutic Tools To Assist Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorders (Asd), Dementia, And Other Mental Health Conditions. They Have Subsequently Become A Mass-Market Product. To Date, Scientific Evidence For Their Efficacy Is Either Lacking Or Inconclusive.

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