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M 5 Years

M, Or M, Is The Thirteenth Letter Of The Modern English Alphabet And The Iso Basic Latin Alphabet. Its Name In English Is Em, Plural Ems.

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Arcteryx 5 Years

Arc'teryx Is A Design Company That Sells Outdoor Clothing And Climbing Gear. The Headquarters And Design Centre Are Located In North Vancouver, With A Local Manufacturing Facility Called "Arc’One", Located In New Westminster. There Are Overseas Teams Located In Munich, Shanghai And Tokyo.

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Sweatshirt Dresses For Women 5 Years

A Sweater, Also Called A Jumper In British English, Is A Piece Of Clothing, Typically With Long Sleeves, Made Of Knitted Or Crocheted Material, That Covers The Upper Part Of The Body. When Sleeveless, The Garment Is Often Called A Slipover Or Sweater Vest. Sweaters Are Worn By Adults And Children Of All Genders, Often Over A Shirt, Blouse, T-Shirt, Or Another Top, But Sometimes Next To The Skin. Sweaters Were Traditionally Made From Wool But Can Now Be Made Of Cotton, Synthetic Fibers, Or Any Combination Of These. There Are Also Seasonal Sweaters, Which Around Christmas Are Called "Ugly Sweaters".

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Long Sleeve Crop Top 5 Years

A Crop Top (Also Half Shirt, Midriff Top Or Cutoff Shirt) Is A Top That Exposes The Waist, Navel, Or Abdomen.

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Hue 5 Years

In Color Theory, Hue Is One Of The Main Properties Of A Color, Defined Technically In The Ciecam02 Model As "The Degree To Which A Stimulus Can Be Described As Similar To Or Different From Stimuli That ...

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Stratechery 5 Years

Ben Thompson Is An American Business, Technology, And Media Analyst, Who Is Based In Taiwan. He Is The Author Of Stratechery, A Subscription-Based Newsletter/Podcast Featuring Commentary On Tech And Media News.

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Trunk Club 5 Years

Trunk Club Is A Personalized Mid- To High-End Men's And Women's Clothing Service Based In Chicago, Illinois, United States. From Its Start In 2009, Trunk Club Pioneered The At-Home Try-On Model Within The Men's Clothing Industry.

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Waterproof Rain Hat 5 Years


  • Climbing the slope
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Ring 5 Years

Ring Llc Is A Home Security And Smart Home Company Owned By Amazon. Ring Manufactures Home Security Products That Incorporate Outdoor Motion-Detecting Cameras, Including Ring Video Doorbell. It Hosts An App, Neighbors, For Online Social Sharing Of Captured Footage Among Users.

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Retool 5 Years

Retail Is The Process Of Selling Consumer Goods Or Services To Customers Through Multiple Channels Of Distribution To Earn A Profit. Retailers Satisfy Demand Identified Through A Supply Chain. The Term "Retailer" Is Typically Applied Where A Service Provider Fills The Small Orders Of Many Individuals, Who Are End-Users, Rather Than Large Orders Of A Small Number Of Wholesale, Corporate Or Government Clientele. Shopping Generally Refers To The Act Of Buying Products. Sometimes This Is Done To Obtain Final Goods, Including Necessities Such As Food And Clothing; Sometimes It Takes Place As A Recreational Activity. Recreational Shopping Often Involves Window Shopping And Browsing: It Does Not Always Result In A Purchase. Retail Markets And Shops Have A Very Ancient History, Dating Back To Antiquity. Some Of The Earliest Retailers Were Itinerant Peddlers. Over The Centuries, Retail Shops Were Transformed From Little More Than "Rude Booths" To The Sophisticated Shopping Malls Of The Modern Era. Most Modern Retailers Typically Make A Variety Of Strategic Level Decisions Including The Type Of Store, The Market To Be Served, The Optimal Product Assortment, Customer Service, Supporting Servi

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Lab-Grown Diamonds 5 Years

Synthetic Diamond (Also Referred To As Laboratory-Grown Diamond, Laboratory-Created Diamond, Or Cultured Diamond) Is A Diamond Made Of The Same Material As Natural Diamonds: Pure Carbon, Crystallized In An Isotropic 3d Form. Synthetic Diamonds Are Different From Both Natural Diamond, Which Is Created By Geological Processes, And Diamond Simulant, Which Is Made Of Non-Diamond Material. Records Of Attempted Diamond Synthesis Date Back To The Turn Of The Twentieth Century. Numerous Scientists Claimed To Have Successfully Synthesized Diamonds Between 1879 And 1928, But None Was Confirmed. In The 1940s, Systematic Research Began In The United States, Sweden And The Soviet Union To Grow Diamonds, Which Culminated In The First Reproducible Synthesis Of Diamond In 1954. This Early Research Of Diamond Synthesis In The U.S., Sweden And The Soviet Union Yielded The Discovery Of The Cvd Diamond (Chemical Vapor Deposition) And Hpht Diamond (High-Pressure High-Temperature) Processes. These Two Processes Still Dominate The Production Of Synthetic Diamond, But Researchers Have Since Discovered A Third And Fourth Method Of Diamond Synthesis. A Third Method, Known As Detonation Synthesis, Entered

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Jewellery 5 Years

Jewellery Or Jewelry Consists Of Decorative Items Worn For Personal Adornment, Such As Brooches, Rings, Necklaces, Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets, And Cufflinks. Jewellery May Be Attached To The Body Or The Clothes. From A Western Perspective, The Term Is Restricted To Durable Ornaments, Excluding Flowers For Example. For Many Centuries Metal Such As Gold Used In Different Carats From 21, 18, 12, 9 Or Even Lower, Often Combined With Gemstones, Has Been The Normal Material For Jewellery, But Other Materials Such As Shells And Other Plant Materials May Be Used. It Is One Of The Oldest Type Of Archaeological Artefact – With 100,000-Year-Old Beads Made From Nassarius Shells Thought To Be The Oldest Known Jewellery. The Basic Forms Of Jewellery Vary Between Cultures But Are Often Extremely Long-Lived; In European Cultures The Most Common Forms Of Jewellery Listed Above Have Persisted Since Ancient Times, While Other Forms Such As Adornments For The Nose Or Ankle, Important In Other Cultures, Are Much Less Common. Jewellery May Be Made From A Wide Range Of Materials. Gemstones And Similar Materials Such As Amber And Coral, Precious Metals, Beads, And Shells Have Been Widely Used, And En

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