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Safety Glasses 5 Years

Safety Glass Is Glass With Additional Safety Features That Make It Less Likely To Break, Or Less Likely To Pose A Threat When Broken. Common Designs Include Toughened Glass (Also Known As Tempered Glass), Laminated Glass, And Wire Mesh Glass (Also Known As Wired Glass). Wire Mesh Glass Was Invented By Frank Shuman. Laminated Glass Was Invented In 1903 By The French Chemist Édouard Bénédictus (1878–1930).These Four Approaches Can Easily Be Combined, Allowing For The Creation Of Glass That Is At The Same Time Toughened, Laminated, And Contains A Wire Mesh. However, Combination Of A Wire Mesh With Other Techniques Is Unusual, As It Typically Betrays Their Individual Qualities.

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Juul 5 Years

Juul Labs, Inc. Is An American Electronic Cigarette Company Which Spun Off From Pax Labs In 2017. It Makes The Juul E-Cigarette, Which Packages Nicotine Salts From Leaf Tobacco Into One-Time Use Cartridges. Juul Labs Was Co-Founded By Adam Bowen And James Monsees. It Is Headquartered In San Francisco.

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Kith 5 Years


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Aerie 5 Years

Aerie, Stylized As Aerie, Is An Intimate Apparel And Lifestyle Retailer And Sub-Brand Owned By American Eagle Outfitters. The Brand Has No Age Demographic And The Company Encourages Customers From All Ages To Shop At Aerie.

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Hue 5 Years

In Color Theory, Hue Is One Of The Main Properties Of A Color, Defined Technically In The Ciecam02 Model As "The Degree To Which A Stimulus Can Be Described As Similar To Or Different From Stimuli That ...

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Boho 5 Years


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Soft White 5 Years

Soft White Is The Seventh Solo Studio Album By American Rapper Mack 10. It Was Released On September 29, 2009 Through Hoo-Bangin' Records With Distribution Via Fontana. Production Was Handled By Don Vito, Ervin "Ep" Pope, Dj Green Lantern, Dow Jones, Fingazz, Fredwreck, Honorable C.N.O.T.E., Mike City, Southboy And Young Tre, With Roland Pole And Mack 10 Serving As Executive Producers. It Features Guest Appearances From Glasses Malone, Akon, Anthony Hamilton, Birdman, Jazze Pha, J. Holiday, Lil Wayne, Red Café And Rick Ross. The Album Debuted At Number 141 On The Billboard 200, Selling 3,900 Copies. The First Single, "Big Balla" Featuring Birdman And Glasses Malone Was Released September 23, 2008, But Due To Its Lackluster Reviews And Chart Performance It Was Used As A Promotional Single Instead. "So Sharp" Featuring Jim Jones And Lil Wayne Was Set To Be A Single And Was Released Through Itunes On April 14, 2009, But Jim Jones' Label Did Not Clear His Name To Be Used On The Album. As An Effort To Keep The Song As His First Single, Mack 10 Simply Changed The Lineup Adding Rick Ross Along With Jazze Pha. The Lead Single "So Sharp" Featuring Lil' Wayne, Rick Ross And Jazze Pha Became

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Shapewear 5 Years

A Foundation Garment (Also Known As Shapewear Or Shaping Underwear) Is An Undergarment Designed To Impermanently Alter The Wearer's Body Shape, To Achieve What Some View As A More Fashionable Figure. The Function Of A Foundation Garment Is Not To Enhance A Bodily Feature (As Would, For Example, A Padded Bra) But To Make It Look More Presentable. Specific Styles Of Foundation Garments Have Been Essential To Some Fashion Movements, And Were Required In Some Social Situations During Various Fashion Periods.

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Vintage Stores 5 Years

Vintage Clothing Is A Generic Term For Garments Originating From A Previous Era. The Phrase Is Also Used In Connection With A Retail Outlet, E.G. In Vintage Clothing Store.

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Clothing 5 Years

Clothing (Also Known As Clothes, Apparel And Attire) Are Items Worn On The Body. Clothing Is Typically Made Of Fabrics Or Textiles But Over Time Has Included Garments Made From Animal Skin Or Other Thin Sheets Of Materials Put Together. The Wearing Of Clothing Is Mostly Restricted To Human Beings And Is A Feature Of All Human Societies. The Amount And Type Of Clothing Worn Depends On Gender, Body Type, Social, And Geographic Considerations. Clothing Serves Many Purposes: It Can Serve As Protection From The Elements, Rough Surfaces, Rash-Causing Plants, Insect Bites, Splinters, Thorns And Prickles By Providing A Barrier Between The Skin And The Environment. Clothes Can Insulate Against Cold Or Hot Conditions, And They Can Provide A Hygienic Barrier, Keeping Infectious And Toxic Materials Away From The Body. Clothing Also Provides Protection From Ultraviolet Radiation. Wearing Clothes Is Also A Social Norm, And Being Deprived Of Clothing In Front Of Others May Be Embarrassing. In Most Parts Of The World, Not Wearing Clothes In Public So That Genitals, Breasts Or Buttocks Are Visible Could Be Considered Indecent Exposure.

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Silk Bonnet 5 Years

Bonnet Has Been Used As The Name For A Wide Variety Of Headgear For All Genders—More Often Women—From The Middle Ages To The Present. As With "Hat" And "Cap", It Is Impossible To Generalize As To The Styles For Which The Word Has Been Used, But There Is For All Genders A Tendency To Use The Word For Pop Styles In Soft Material And Lacking A Brim, Or At Least One All The Way Round, Rather Than Just At The Front. Yet The Term Has Also Been Used, For Example, For Steel Helmets. This Was From Scotland (In 1505), Where The Term Has Long Been Especially Popular.Headgear Tied Under The Chin With A String Was Especially Likely To Be Called A Bonnet. Other Features Associated With Bonnets As Opposed To Hats Was That The Forehead Was Not Covered, And The Back Of The Head Often Was. The Outdoor Headgear Of Woman Servants And Workers Was More Likely To Be Called A Bonnet. It Was Often Worn Outside Over A Thinner Everyday Head Covering, Which Was Worn At All Times. In Summary, Hats Were Often Stiffer, Worn On The Top Of The Head With The Crown And Brim Roughly Horizontal, While Bonnets Were Pushed Back, Covering The Back Of The Head, With Any Brim Often Approaching The Vertical At The Front. Ot

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Ring Lights 5 Years

A Ring Flash Is A Circular Photographic Electronic Flash That Fits Around A Camera Lens. Unlike Point Light Sources, A Ring Flash Provides Even Illumination With Few Shadows Visible In The Resulting Photographs Because The Origin Of The Light Is Very Close To (And Surrounds) The Optical Axis Of The Lens. It Was Invented By Lester A. Dine In 1952 For Use In Dental Photography, But Now Is Commonly Used In Applications Such As Macro, Portrait And Fashion Photography. As The Efficiency Of Light Sources, And The Sensitivity Of Photographic Imaging Sensors, Increased, The Use Of A Continuous Ring Light Instead Of A Flash Increased. A Ring Light Has The Same Advantages As A Ring Flash, But Produces Continuous Light At A Lower Intensity, So The Image Can Be Examined Before Taking The Photograph. In The Past A Circular Fluorescent Tube Was Often Used; Leds Are Now Frequently Used. Brightness And Colour Temperature Can Be Changed On Some Devices. In Addition To Lights That Are Fitted To The Filter Ring Of A Camera, Inexpensive Versions That Clip Onto A Mobile Phone Or Other Device Equipped With A Camera (Facing Away From Or Towards The User) Are Available.

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